Once upon a time there was a world in which those we loved the most went missing.

Vanished without rhyme or reason.

Wounded were those who remained, amputated of their loved ones.

Care centres were established to treat people for a pain with no end in sight. These centres, which bore the name of Centres of Care and Consolation, would become places of utmost importance, where this community of emotional amputees came to reflect on and repair the world. And they would find joy there too, sometimes.

The years went by.

And the same question persisted: where were the Missing?

One day, a young man by the name of Saïd said :

“She’s there inside me. I carry my mother inside me.”

Extracts from FRATERNITY, A Fantastical Tale, by Carolline Guiela Nguyen a writing-in-progress

Production Les Hommes Approximatifs
Executive production Les Hommes Approximatifs, Festival d’Avignon
French coproduction Odéon Théâtre de l’Europe, ExtraPôle Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur*,  La Comédie – CDN de Reims, Théâtre National de Bretagne, Théâtre National de Strasbourg, Châteauvallon scène nationale, Théâtre de l’Union – CDN du Limousin, Théâtre Olympia CDN de Tours, MC2 : Grenoble, La Criée – Théâtre national de Marseille, Le Grand T théâtre de Loire-Atlantique, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Comédie de Colmar – CDN Grand Est Alsace, La rose des vents – Scène nationale Lille Métropole Villeneuve d’Ascq, Le Parvis – Scène nationale Tarbes Pyrénées, Théâtre National de Nice, Théâtre du Beauvaisis – Scène nationale.

International coproduction
-PROSPERO – Extended Theatre**, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, Théâtre de Liège, Les théâtres de la ville de Luxembourg, Centro Dramatico Nacional – Madrid, Dramaten – Stockholm, Schaubühne – Berlin, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II – Lisbonne, Thalia Theater- Hambourg, Festival RomaEuropa

With the support of the DGCA
With the participation of Jeune théâtre National, Institut français Paris and ENSATT

*ExtraPôle Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is a production platform supported by Région SUD Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur gathering Festival d’Avignon, Festival de Marseille, Théâtre National de Nice, La Criée – Théâtre national de Marseille, Les Théâtres – Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Anthéa-Antipolis Théâtre d’Antibes, Scène nationale Châteauvallon-Liberté and Friche la Belle de Mai

**PROSPERO – Extended Theatre is a project co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme which includes: Le Théâtre de Liège, Odéon – Théâtre de L’Europe – Paris, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione – Modena/Bologna, Schaubühne – Berlin, Göteborgs Stadsteater, Hrvatsko narodno kazaliste u Zagrebu, Sao Luiz Teatro Municipal – Lisboa, Teatros del Canal – Madrid, Teatr Powszechny – Warszawa et ARTE. It suppors the whole cycle of du FRATERNITY.

FRATERNITÉ, Conte fantastique (FRATERNITY, A Fantastic Tale)

6 – 14 JULY 2021


La FabricA

2021/ 2022 Tour

from 27 August to 3 September
Dramaten – Stockholm (Sueden)

from 16 September to 17 October
Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe

from 28 to 31 October
Centro Dramatico Nacional – Madrid (Spain)

8 & 9 November
Le Parvis – Scène nationale Tarbes Pyrénées

1st & 2 December
Théâtre de l’Union – CDN du Limousin

from 8 to 11 December
Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium)

from 15 to 18 December
Théâtre de Liège (Belgium)

from 6 to 15 January
Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon

from 23 February to 3 March
Théâtre National de Bretagne – Rennes

from 9 to 11 March
La Comédie – CDN de Reims

from 17 to 19 March
Châteauvallon – Scène nationale

from 24 to 26 March
La Criée – Théâtre national de Marseille

4 & 5 April
— Schaubühne – Berlin

9 & 10 April
Thalia Theater – Hambourg

26 & 27 April
São Luiz Teatro Municipal – Lisbonne

5 & 6 May
MC2 : Grenoble

from 11 to 13 May
La Rose des Vents – Lille 3000/ Le Grand Sud 

6 & 7 July — Epidaurus Festival, Athens

Writing Caroline Guiela Nguyen with the whole artistic team

Direction Caroline Guiela Nguyen

Dan Artus, Saadi Bahri, Boutaïna El Fekkak or Lamya Regragui, Hoonaz Ghojallu, Maïmouna Keita, Elios Noël or Pierric Plathier, Nanii, Alix Petris, Saaphyra, Vasanth Selvam, Anh Tran Nghia, Hiep Tran Nghia, Mahia Zrouki or Yasmine Hadj Ali

Artistic collaboration Claire Calvi, Paola Secret
Set design Alice Duchange 
Costumes Benjamin Moreau 
Light designJérémie Papin
Sound and musical design Antoine Richard 
Video creation Jérémie Scheidler 
Dramaturgy Hugo Soubise, Manon Worms
Original music Teddy Gauliat-Pitois, Antoine Richard

Construction of the set Atelier du Grand T – Théâtre de Loire-Atlantique

Costumes production Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège

Production, diffusion Isabelle Nougier, coordination Elsa Hummel-Zongo, technical direction Xavier Lazarini, communication, press Coline Loger, administrative management Stéphane Triolet

FRATERNITÉ, Conte fantastique is the second part of the FRATERNITY cycle, which includes two other creations to date: Les Engloutis (The Departed) (2021), a short film co-produced by Les Films du Worso and Les Hommes Approximatifs; L’Enfance, la Nuit, a show created at the Schaubühne in Berlin in 2022.