Ses mains / SHOW

Her hands

Drawing inspiration from the myth of Medea, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s Snow White and the court transcript of Véronique Courjault’s trial, Ses mains presents four micro-fictions about infanticide.

Ses mains (Her hands) asks us to consider what justice is based on, and what justice and theatre share at a deep level, namely the act of speaking.
In a courtroom, just as on a stage, words are spoken in a sacralised space. The act of speaking is bound up in ritual, setting it apart from the usual spatial and temporal coordinates that dictate our worldly goings on. These ritualised speech acts take place in two highly singular and codified spaces, a courtroom for one and the performance venue for the other.

Direction/Scenography Caroline Guiela Nguyen
LightsYanick Ducord and Caroline Guiela Nguyen
Sound Antoine Richard
With Juliette Delfau and Luc Chareyron

Ses Mains is produced by La Comédie de Valence, Centre Dramatique National Drôme-Ardèche.

Ses mains (Her hands) premiered in January 2012 at the Comédie de Valence Theatre,