Europe’s hottest theatre directors : Caroline Guiela Nguyen

THE GUARDIAN, 03.09.2018

This poignant saga makes plain the intimate pain wrought by colonial arrogance, culture clashes and exile.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, 08.01.2018

Un tempo, un lavoro così intelligente e umano lo avrebbe concepito un genio come Ariane Mnouchkine.

LA REPUBLICA, 07.11.2018

This is the way of things in this show, quite different from any other, […] ending with the following words: “This is how we tell stories in Vietnam: with many tears. Deprived of those tears for so long on the French stage, we are very happy to collect them today. 

LE MONDE, 11.07.2017

Caroline Guiela Nguyen welcomes us into her culture, her home and invites us to make it ours. She succeeds because her home is open, hybrid, a crossroads between over here and over there. She succeeds because she makes theatre an art of storytelling where each of us can find our own place.


At once shaken and fascinated, the audience rediscovers on stage – in a delicate presentation that is never showy, making great use of the ellipse – an often neglected slice of our colonial memory with its accompanying horrors of human sacrifice and wrecked lives…

TÉLÉRAMA, 11.07.2017

Wonderful productions, unforgettable shows – and SAIGON is one of those – give rise to joy and delight, but as their memory fades on the journey home, when we find ourselves alone again, then begins the delicate sadness linked to forgetting. Everything was perfect, we want to retain every moment and already it is beginning to disappear, memories pull apart.

MEDIAPART, 12.07.2017
ARTE, 18.11.2018
Elle brûle

What is truly magnificent in Elle brûle, is the extent to which everything is implicit, merely suggested in the succession of tableaus that make up the show and flow into one another so fluidly that we feel immersed  […]. The talent of director Caroline Guiela Nguyen and the remarkable performances given by the actors are the reason. Elle brûle, which we cannot urge you strongly enough to go and see, holds up a mirror, with anxious grace or, perhaps, graceful anxiety.

LE MONDE, 27.11 .2013

A cruel tale orchestrated with maestro by a highly promising young director.  […] The actors are all perfect in this excellent production.

LES INROCKS, 20.11 .2013

This show, directed by Caroline Guiela Nguyen, demonstrates a company in full command of their art. It peels back the skin of reality and shows our present time in all its thickness.

LE NOUVEL OBS, 24.11 .2013